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Create Your Own Website : Step 1
Choose The Design

The first step in getting your own BombSite is to choose the website layout shell from the ones listed here.

Just remember that these are only examples of the designs and will look quite different and unique with your Custom Header across the top of the site, your own websites links down the side, and your web page information and images shown in the main area.

Simply click on the Shell you wish to view and all of the various colour options will show up below in the strip. When you have found the design you like, click on the Choose This Design option to proceed with your BombSite.

Shell Design : Orion
Shell Design : Mensa
Shell Design : Pictor
Shell Design : Aires
Shell Design : Corvus
Shell Design : Bootes
Shell Design : Centaurus
Shell Design : Lupus
Shell Design : Tucana
Shell Design : Pegasus
Scroll left to right for more shell colours.... Click on an image to enlarge it. Click on Choose This Design on the shell you like.

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